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Hey guys! 

I haven't been adding new mugen characters in the website lately. I've been little busy lately. Once i get some free time, new chars will be posted.

Also, please register and post your mugen works (characters, stages etc) in the forum. We'll give you credits while adding it to the database. If you've found some new chars and wanna share, please do post it in the forum.

Thank you 


EDIT: I've fixed a few links.


I had been busy for 2 long years due to studies and now finally back. The site will be back into action. 
Will be recruiting a new moderator. Active member will be selected. 


Yeah, we have some characters here but not much for now. 
Link to the page in description of this.


There are lots of one piece chars. We'll be adding more soon.
Link in full description of this news. You can also go to database and fing 'em.


Hello! Welcome to narutomugen. There are loads of characters for mugen of different animes.
Not only naruto but one piece, bleach, DBZ, Arcana Heart, Samurai shodown, Gulity Gear and others.
All you have to do is register which is free. You just need an email ID.
Apart from downloading the characters, please participate in the forum, introduce yourself and start the chat to make this place a fun place to be.If there are any broken links please report it in the broken links part of the forum. 
Thank you. 


FG-MSasuke has been released. Check it out. Its available for download in the db of the site.


From now on you guys need to be active in the forum to download rare chars. I won't be posting them in the file catalog and ill make a private section where only group: active members can view and download them.
If you want the rare chars then you gotta post in the forum and have at least more than 100 forum meaningful posts.
Also we've had a problem where all the people who joined were automatically promoted to active users group. now it has been corrected and it is expected from you that you'll post in the forum.
Thank you


We've added 
Arcana Heart Chars
Samurai shodown Chars
Guilty Gear Chars
and started adding DBZ chars.
We hope you post in the forum and contribute.


Added a new section for Other characters
We've started adding one piece and bleach characters.
We've added a section for arcana heart characters and we'll soon start adding chars to it.
Please try to contribute so that this site improves and we'll get a lot of characters available for download..
Also please try to post characters, stages and write in the forums.
For more details and links please read more.


As you can see we are going through some major changes. We have added a new design to the site.
 It has some bugs and need to be updated. We'll keep updating  it but please have feedbacks in the forum.
We've started adding sections for characters and stages and we will soon need contributors.

Please enjoy our forum, posting, making friends etc. First when you join our site please read forum rules because then if you are banned or reproofed for any reason, don't say you didn't know the rules.

What we'd like the most is the suggestions for the betterment of the site. If you feel that there is a need for a forum for a particular topic, feel free to suggest.
And enjoy yourself^^


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